Reflections on our progress -
MDP LGBT+ Champion ACC Dave Long

As we near the end of LGBT+ History Month, ACC Dave Long took some time out, pending his official retirement at the beginning of March, to reflect on his time as the Force LGBT+ Champion.

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3 min readFeb 25, 2022

LGBT+ History Month is an annual celebration for everyone. It is an opportunity to recognise the contributions of all LGBT+ people and learn about issues the LGBT+ community faces — with an aim to teach young people about the history of the gay rights movement, the struggles and challenges faced by LGBT+ people and to promote an inclusive, modern society.

MDP LGBT+ Champion, Assistant Chief Constable Dave Long said:

“Those principles resonate strongly within the MDP — not only for those we serve and protect but also our own workforce. The MDP is fully committed to being an inclusive employer, that values the contributions of all its staff, irrespective of their background or protected characteristic, enabling them to be themselves in all that they do.

“During our celebrations for LGBT+ History Month it is important to remember the continuing need for a diverse workforce within the MDP, and to encourage, and support people from the LGBT+ community to join us and become part of the MDP family.

“Over recent years, during my time as the MDP LGBT+ Champion, the MDP has sought to recruit more applicants from the LGBT+ community and we have had some success with overall recruitment numbers increasing.

“We have also sought to improve our working environment and practices via active participation with the diversity networks in the MOD and in wider UK policing.

“We have delivered internal Ally programmes to support colleagues across the Force and in the past few years we have reinvigorated our own LGBT+ Network. Growth and development of the network is ongoing, but it is really pleasing to see so many committed and motivated colleagues placing their energy in a range of activities and generating momentum which will make a difference to our workforce, as well as for those seeking to join us.

“‘From the ground up’ initiatives often have as much, if not more, impact than those imparted on an organisation by senior leadership. It is so important to let the workforce have a voice and some autonomy to help shape the future.

“I believe the Force is in a good position to be a future employer and career of choice for those from the LGBT+ community and other diverse backgrounds, and I’m sure the Network will go from strength to strength to support the further development of a workplace that values everyone’s differences. Diversity really is about all of us.

“I have relished the opportunity of being the Force’s LGBT+ Champion during the latter years of my career and I am truly proud of all we have achieved to date, to advance LGBT+ equality. There is still much to do, but I am confident the successes will continue, with the many committed people in the MDP working to drive forward positive change and an inclusive culture.”

Further information

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