Not just crime fighters

“ PC Kerr and I carefully approached the seal, which seemed quite calm and willing to see our approach as a helpful one. PC Kerr first attempted to remove the can, but the seal’s lower incisors had pierced clean through the can, preventing an easy removal.

“The seal must have been in discomfort at this point as it attempted to back off and almost fell into the storm drain. Fortunately, I was able to quickly grab the seal and lift it back to safety, while PC Kerr held its head and freed the can from its jaw. Luckily the can then came free.

“I checked the seal over and could see no other injuries from the entanglement, before it turned from us and slid back into the water and quickly swam away, much to our happiness and relief.”




Stories and voices from the Ministry of Defence Police.

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Ministry of Defence Police

Ministry of Defence Police

Stories and voices from the Ministry of Defence Police.

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