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A fantastic milestone has been achieved with the first live operation by the MDP Special Escort Group (SEG) being delivered by an all-women command team.

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2 min readOct 14, 2021
Sally (left), Cat (centre) and Kerrie (right)

The three officers in command positions on the operation have varying lengths of service with the MDP, having accumulated a broad range of skills throughout their careers so far.

Kerrie, Chief Inspector
Kerrie joined the MDP in 2005 and was posted to AWE Aldermaston, before moving to AWE Burghfield on promotion to Sergeant, where she completed an overseas deployment to Afghanistan. In 2014, she took up post at RAF Alconbury as station Senior Police Officer and, whilst there, she enrolled on a MSc in Defence Leadership.

On promotion to Inspector in 2016, Kerrie became a Training Manager at the MDP Operational Capability Centre, before returning to AWE in 2017 as a Chief Inspector.

Kerrie was initially on shift duties, before moving to the SEG.

Kerrie said:

“I’ve had a fantastic career with the MDP, which has taken me across many different stations and even overseas! Whilst this all-women commanded operation is a milestone for us, the SEG has been fortunate to have a number of excellent female officers working across the ranks and specialisms for quite a while. I’m really proud to be part of such a professional team.”

Sally, Chief Inspector
Sally joined the MDP in 2006. She has enjoyed serving on the Operational Support Unit, as a Police Trainer in the OCC, representing the MDP as a Police Mentor in Afghanistan, and at Portsmouth Marine Unit, before joining the SEG as a Sergeant.

Sally said:

“The MDP has given me some amazing opportunities and experiences throughout my career. I’m pleased to say I’ve worked with some remarkable people and teams over the years. I have always enjoyed being an active member of the specialist units in the Force, and I am really happy that these have seen a real boom in the number of women in their ranks.”

Cat, Police Sergeant
Cat joined the MDP in 2015 at RAF Fylingdales. She moved down South to join the SEG in 2016, where she has remained, gaining promotion to Police Sergeant. Cat is currently on a six-month secondment working on Force Engagement within the Strategic Development and Change Department.

Cat said:

“During the few years I have worked in the MDP I have personally developed skills and gained experiences that I wouldn’t have dreamed of. Female role models and leaders are out there in the MDP and working alongside Kerrie and Sally has taught me lots, encouraging me to further progress with my career.”

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