Health and Safety Award for MDP Chief Inspector

An APSHA Safety Award has been presented to Chief Inspector Jimmy Carr, in recognition of his work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ministry of Defence Police
3 min readMar 3, 2022

Assistant Chief Constable Dave Long recently presented the Association of Police Health and Safety Advisers (APSHA) Safety Award to Chief Inspector Jimmy Carr, for contributions made to health and safety, following the award being announced during the APHSA Annual General Meeting on 12 October 2021.

Two men dressed in black police uniforms, standing holding a framed certificate and glass award plaque with a union jack flag and MDP crest in the background
ACC Long (left) presenting Chief Inspector Carr’s award

Each year, APHSA recognises the vital contributions made by colleagues who do not have a full-time role in health and safety but, through their active intervention raise the profile of health and safety and bring about change for the benefit of their Force.

In a joint statement on the award, MDP COVID Response Gold Commanders, ACC Dave Long and ACC Andrea Bishop said:

“Chief Inspector Carr has made a significant contribution as both Gold Support and Duty Covid Officer during the past 18 months, which has served to ensure that the health, safety and well-being of all staff has remained in focus for all the right reasons.

“His commitment to those tasks has been commendable and the APHSA Safety Award provides recognition for those contributions, both within the MDP and amongst peers in the wider UK police family.”

Throughout the pandemic, initially in a full-time role supporting the Gold Cell, then latterly whilst he was working in Frontline Operations, Jimmy undertook the role as Duty COVID-19 Officer.

He led policy development to provide a COVID secure workplace, working in partnership with Nikki Dutton, MDP Head of Safety, Health and Environmental Protection (SHEP), to ensure that Force policy remained consistent with HM Government, Defence and National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) policy and guidance.

Through this partnership, Jimmy influenced the safety culture in Frontline Ops by making health, safety, and wellbeing relevant to operational police officers. Frontline Ops and SHEP’s collaborative ways of working, developed during COVID, will have an enduring impact on the safety culture within the MDP, with the SHEP team being an essential partner in operational planning and engaged as observers during significant training events.

This has enabled a more informed assessment from SHEP of staff safety concerns and, where appropriate, rapid escalation for strategic response.

The Association of Police Health and Safety Advisers was formed in 1995 to:

  • promote policies which lead to a reduction in accidents, disease, ill health, and dangerous occurrences within the police service
  • raise the profile of health and safety, and promote knowledge and understanding of effective health and safety management
  • promote the appointment of professional safety advisers
  • promote health and safety training

Editorial note

As this article was going to publication, we were notified that Jimmy and Nikki have been jointly awarded a National Police Coordination Centre (NPoCC) Operation Talla Outstanding Achievement award, for their work on COVID-19 throughout the pandemic. This national award recognises officers and staff who have played a significant role in ensuring that policing has remained consistent in its delivery across the UK.

Huge congratulations to both Jimmy and Nikki, on this fantastic achievement.

A presentation ceremony is expected to take place later this year.