Final MDP Pass Out Parade event goes back in time

The digging up of a time capsule, buried 26 years ago, marks the last Pass Out Parade to take place in Wethersfield, at the former
Headquarters for the Ministry of Defence Police.

A concrete plinth with the MDP crest and words engraved regarding the time capsule being buried for the Force’s 25th anniversary, and dug up the 50th anniversary
Two men standing next to a time capsule, one of the men is Chief Constable Andy Adams who is holding the container which is a large black cylinder shape, there is grass and trees in the background
Chief Constable Andy Adams holding the time capsule that was dug up at the former HQ of the MDP
  • a collection of memorabilia, including several corporate documents and a
  • Passing Out Programmes and a class list from the year of the Force’s 25 th
    anniversary when there was only one intake of 39 recruits
  • prospectus documents from local schools invited to contribute, including one from the Wethersfield C of E Primary School
  • personal artifacts, such as postcards and pictures, from MDP families
  • a West Ham Football programme from 1996
  • a copy of the Sunday Times
  • previous editions of Talk Through — The magazine of the Ministry of Defence Police
  • artwork of MDP officers and their capabilities, and the MDP Band, which
    played at Passing Out ceremonies from 1987 to 2000
  • some more unusual items, including a stamp collection belonging to former
  • MDP Deputy Chief Constable Anthony V Comben, and beer bottle labels from the commemorative ale produced for the Force’s 25 th anniversary by Ridley’s Brewery
Artifacts from the time capsule including a truncheon, the Sunday Times, a Hammers programme, a Corporate Business Plan, a Pass out Parade programme and hand illustrated pictures

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